10 reasons to choose Made Of Sound

Why you should create a profile on Made Of Sound

You are certainly a talented musician, and we know that it's already a full-time job!
We know how having a strong online presence, engaging fans, and creating experiences are the keys to a great music career. But it also time-consuming. With MOS, we wanted to develop tools that will allow the artists to focus on what matters: making music, and binding with a community.

10 reasons why Made Of Sound is going to help your musical journey

Starting Now: A Free Professional Profile with all your merchandising, and more

    1. Have a public centralized profile for media and industry professionals, with strong online presence
    2. Sell music and all types of merchandising on your profile and the global marketplace - acoustic sessions, early news or secret interviews
    3. Display your own merchandising and link it to your MOS profile to send future suprises
    4. Create collector editions for your top fans and those who want more

Coming Q4 2023: Filter your audience, get feedbacks, and create a community

    5. Filter your audience, and use lists to send pre-ticketing or exclusive content
    6. Sell or offer acoustic sessions, early news or secret interviews
    7. Gain precious insights about your fans

Coming Q1 2024: The professional side of MOS

    8. Offer & Search services through our creative agency
    9. Create a professional private profile for opportunities (no spams)
    10. Be part of a global music community and network in dedicated chats