An Introduction to MOS

Why we started Made Of Sound

You are certainly a talented musician, and we know that it's already a full-time job!
We know how having a strong online presence, engaging fans, and creating experiences are the keys to a great music career. But it's also time-consuming.
With MOS, we wanted to develop tools that will allow the artists to focus on what matters: making music, and binding with a community.

An Abstract view of Made Of Sound concept

Musicians' income from selling albums has gone down 99.2% because of changes in technology and streaming doesn’t reward them fairly. On the other hand, merchandising has greater importance than ever before, with core fans generating up to 90% of an artist's income.

With increased competition between artists, digitalization, and changes in the way content is consumed, the music industry is searching for a fan-centric model that pampers fans and allows them to feel unique and rewarded for their engagement.

Our solution, Made Of Sound (MOS aforementioned), enables artists to monetize 100% digital content and packages and provides fans with a central platform to purchase music packs from their favorite artists, therefore enabling loyalty programs. It offers a variety of bundles that include digital albums, singles, NFTs, and access to pre-orders, and brings fans exclusive content, such as unreleased tracks, behind-the-scenes footage, and special offers. Fans will be able to prove their engagement, access new ranges of products, and be rewarded for it at the same time.

The marketplace offers fans the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists through exclusive membership passes and leaderboards. They provide a way for fans to show their support and for artists to build a deeper connection with their audience. Fans will be recognized by their favorite artists, opening to a unique and personalized experience.

Blockchain technology will help ensure data transparency by providing a secure, immutable, distributed ledger of transactions. This ledger can store and track data, allowing for greater transparency. The NFTs enable creators to earn money from their work both from primary and secondary markets, benefiting the artists and the fans.