Thank You For Submitting Your Music Cover!

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your cover:

  1. All covers will be moderated before publishing to ensure they meet our quality standards.
  2. We only accept cover submissions in the form of YouTube videos.
  3. Please ensure that your cover meets our quality standards and respects copyright laws. We encourage you to express your creativity while honoring the artist's original work.
  4. You can submit your fan art to only one artist. Your submission should be clearly related to the artist's work and showcase your creativity.
  5. If validated, your cover will be showcased in the Spotlight section of our platform.
  6. You will earn 1000 points in your fan pass if/when the artist has a profile on the platform.
  7. If the artist chooses to feature your cover, you will earn an additional 1000 points in your fan pass.
  8. The artist has full discretion on which covers to feature on their profile. Featured covers will be displayed publicly.

We reserve the right to review and approve submissions based on our guidelines and content policies.